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Monday, January 29, 2007

Valentine's Buying Tips

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. Underwear is often a popular gift to give for this occasion. But it can also be a bad gift, so here are some universal tips for buying underwear for your man this Valentine's Day that will be sure to help you find him the perfect pair:
-Know your man: don't buy him skimpy, sexy undies if he's not into that type of thing. If you really aren't sure then sneak a peek at his underwear drawer and see what types of things he has there. If he has all boxers he most likely isn't going to appreciate a sheer thong. If he has all plain , white briefs, then he may be OK if you get him a colorful brief.
-Know your man's size: Sure you've seen it and him before, but that's not how to judge underwear size. You can do one of two things: ask him, or look at his drawer. But be careful, when looking through his drawer he may have things that are old and don't fit him right, so make sure to look at the size on his most recent pairs (note, not all underwear comes in pant sizes, most are in S,M, L so you probably will have to peek for this one).
- Why are you buying him underwear? Is it just because he needs some new ones, or are you trying to say something more. Make sure that you give the right message. If you just want to replenish his essentials, then don't give him something sexy (unless that is what he normally wears). For example, the underwear shown may be quite a kitschy, but it may not convey what you actually mean.
-How are you related? If he is just your best friend you may not want to give him the same thing you would if you were dating or if you were married (in fact if you're just a friend you may want to consider a different type of gift). Valentine's Day gifts can actually change what kind of a relationship you have with a person, so be careful.
- It is Valentine's Day: Valentine's day is a sexy holiday, so even if you don't want to say something sexy with what you buy him, keep in mind, this is Valentine's Day. So at least get him a fun color or something like that.
-My List: I will be doing a "Count to Valentines" starting February first. Everyday I will give one of my picks for a Valentine underwear gift (not in any specific ranked order, just as I think of them). So be on the look-out for that.
-Other lists: Here's a some lists that you can look at in the meantime, they've been compiled by various online underwear stores:
So good luck and happy underwear hunting!

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