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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eminence Brand

Eminence (I cannot find their official website) is a fun brand of underwear made in France. I really like the looks of these things (from what I've seen on the web). The styling is so unique and many of the designs include manly floral prints (yes manly floral prints are possible). I really like the following styles because of how fun and different they are: Bayadère Fleurs, Ornement, Zéphyr (shown), and Graphique. The fabric used could often be interpreted as feminine, but the way they've styled their line creates a very manly feel to an otherwise feminine fabric (not that feminine is a bad thing). I've had my eyes on these undies for quite some time now, but I just could not bring myself to telling you about them because they are so overpriced and I have no idea how good the quality is on them. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to sample a pair, but I can tell you about a new price. Planet Undies, as part of their Winter Sale, is offering many great pairs of Eminence underwear at a fraction of the cost. Freshpair also offers some of the more basic Eminence underwear for a lot cheaper, but the basic ones really aren't that exciting. It seems that many of their customers felt the same way because now all Eminence underwear is on final sales/clearance at Freshpair. So even though I haven't tried these out yet, I'd suggest that you do. Let me know what you think. Hopefully I'll get to try these out soon and then I'll let you know.

Question of the day:
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Unknown said...

I am also looking for the official site and found the French: They make underwear for Roland Garros.