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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Daniel Radcliffe's Skivvies?

Daniel Radcliffe, the title-star of Warner Brother's Harry Potter movie series, has recently been coming under fire for his role in a London stage show, "Equus". In this show he strips down and bares all for a sex scene. This has angered many parents who now say they will boycott his films. But really, why does it matter? It is not as if he is playing the roll of Harry Potter in this show. It's his own life, and his own time off, why can't he do what ever he wants to? And even if he playing Harry Potter in the show, so what? It would not be the first time he did a nude scene as Harry Potter. You may remember he had some anxiety a while back about his nude scene in the Goblet of Fire: "I sort of come in with this dressing gown on and in theory I'm naked underneath. I actually had a pair of flesh-colored underwear on which was just like really something you'd never want to wear!". Well this just begs the question: "Daniel, what would you wear?" Boxers or briefs? Photos (displayed in this article, click them for a larger view) have been circulating on the Internet for a few days now and I just thought it would be interesting to speculate on the topic of his undies in the show and in daily life.

So let us know what you think about this topic? What do you think Daniel will wear while stripping in the show? And what do you think he prefers to wear in daily life? Do you have any photos or sources to share? Please answer these questions by commenting on this post.


Anonymous said...

I think Daniel strips into briefs but prefers boxers.

UMan said...

Anonymous, thanks for the info. Do you have any sources or photos for verification (and posting) purposes?

Anonymous said...

Sorry no photos or sources. Just thoughts