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Monday, January 08, 2007

Punto Blanco (review)

One of my favorite brands that I've experienced recently is Punto Blanco. I've kind of been keeping it a secret from you. I have been meaning to tell you about it for a while, but I just have not had the time with all the other things I have been posting about. Well it is a secret no longer. Punto Blanco is the number one producer of quality undergarments in Spain. Punto Blanco mixes soft fabrics, superb finishing details, fashion-forward designs, and quality to create one of the best brands out there. I just love the unique look that every pair has, I also love how many of their lines are inspired by and named after various world-class cities such as: Paris, Tokyo, Miami, London, Moscow, Munich, and many more. I've only tried the briefs as of yet, but I'm sure the boxerbriefs are excellent too. I really can't say much more. They are incredibly soft and comfortable and the precisely tailored details make them fit like a charm. In fact it would be very hard to charm them off of me they are so perfect. I just love the way they look too, they are so unique and well designed. One thing that I really like is how each logo waistband is different for each style and the colors on the band are perfectly matched with the rest of the brief (or other style). The only thing that is problematic about this brand is that they can run a little pricey (I've seen them on sites for as much as $85 a pair!). But if you look around you are bound to find a good deal. One site that I have found to consistently offer some of the lowest prices out there is Wyzman. So I urge you to check them out and let me know what you think, I'm sure you'll love them.

Overall, I give the Punto Blanco briefs a total score of 9 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 10 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 10 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 10 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)
********** 9
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