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Friday, January 19, 2007

New AE boxerbriefs!

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you may remember that the other day I posted about how all the AE knit basics underwear were on sale and no longer in the regular section. I hypothesized that they either totally discontinued or were in the process of remaking the line (like Abercrombie did). I was correct with the latter hypothesis; they created new knit underwear. They call them knit boxers on the site, but they're really all boxerbriefs. They have a variety of looks: basic and bright colors (with contrast trim!) as well as logo patterned fabrics and striped fabrics. So check out this fun new line. It is definitely a step up from before, I am really liking the look of this new line. I hope to get to try some soon. Before they just had pretty basic colors (grey, black, and white). Now they have fun and funky colors (as well as the basics) as well as a more noticeable logo waistband (the old logoed band was very subtle, this one is a little more in your face). I think that this just goes to show that retailers realize that the general masses (especially the young high school and college students that American Eagle is aimed at) of men want to wear fun underwear. Fun and colorful underwear for men is no longer just a niche market; it's a huge industry! So check them out, they are a great deal at 2 for $20 (or 1 for $12.50)! Poll of the day:
What do you think of American Eagle's new line of underwear? Do you like it better than the old line or not? Will you buy it?


Anonymous said...

I saw your post and link about the new line of AE UW boxer briefs -
Your are correct, the previous line of AE cotton UW has been
discontinued and placed
on clearance (now $5.95). I picked up one more package of the TRUNK
style. The
new TRUNK style boxer briefs are very sporty (introduced by CK about 5
yrs ago in the BODY line).

I own several trunks but the AE trunks are my favs. I was disappointed
they are discontinuing the line but I have a good supply in my stash.
Awesome fit, cumfy but not baggy, very athletic looking and look hot. I
showing off my AE waist band under my levis and cargos ... LOL.

I checked out the new line (last night). They're available in some
stores this weekend. The new line is too cool. Several colors including
varsity red, sky blue, military brown, and signature eagle print on
white. The gray and white stripe looks hot too.
Buyem fast!! The best colors and sizes will blaze out of the store.
Thanks again for the headzup! Later dude!

Unknown said...

I found the old boxer briefs wonderfully made even though they aren't the most colorful or in your face. They had a much better fit than these longer cousins of the original. Do you know where I can find the old discontinued style of AE underwear? Thanks for your blog.

UMan said...

jhiser, I honestly don't know where you could get the discontinued AE underwear. I know they used to have them in their clearance section online, but they no longer have that available. You may want to try calling them to see if they have any remainders. Or you could try searching around the web on eBay and other auction sites to see if anyone is trying to sell them. Good luck.