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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Wedgie War - a true story

The following is a true story that I observed a while ago:
There was this group of "jocks" hanging out in the hallway. I really don't know how it started because I wasn't really paying attention. But somehow they ended up in an all out wedgie war where about 5 of them were trying to pull up each other's boxers while trying to defend their own. They did this while tons of people (girls and boys) watched and egged them on. One person even got out a video camera and started recording. It was all good fun and everyone had a good time (players and spectators alike). Finally two boys came up behind one boy and pulled him up by his boxers (American Eagle ones). They held him in the air for a few seconds while he yelled and then everyone heard a huge ripping sound, they put him down. The boy who had his boxers ripped proceeded to survey the damage. He then proceeded to pull up his boxers to see. It turned out that his boxers and basically ripped all through the crotch so he basically had a sort of boxer "skirt". He pulled this "skirt" out over the outside of his jeans and walked around like that for the rest of the day. It was hilarious. Then the kid whose boxers ripped complained that he had a basketball game later that day to play and he had no other boxers on hand to wear. Imagine him having to play basketball commando and what would happened if someone happened to pull down his shorts (which does sometimes happen in basketball). Not to mention him having to change in the locker room before hand. Well everyone laughed about that and went about their way. I wish I had a copy of that video to share, but I don't.

Poll of the Day:
Have you ever received or given a wedgie? Will you tell the story?


Anonymous said...

I actually went toa boy's high school and goot wedgies on a regualr basis form the other guys. I was kinda a pretty boy and subject to getting picked on. secretly the wedgies began to kinda turn me on and still do today. I spen most of the first year there with my underwear up to my shoulder blades! I acutally witnessed, no lie, a wedgie given to a guy by hooking his birefs to a flagpole and hosting him up on his tippy toes. I think its strange how much the striaght guys loved to wedgie me!

Anonymous said...

Do a search on youtube for "wedgie" and you'll see lots of guys getting some over the top wedgies.