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Thursday, May 10, 2007

New Brand: IQONIQ

IQONIQ is a new Netherlands-based line of men's underwear that will be available for purchase soon. There is not much information about them yet, but hopefully they will have more coming soon. But here's a bit about what they have to say for themselves on their Myspace profile:
"IQONIQ is a new underwear company to be reckoned with. We want to provide today’s modern men with timeless, ultra comfortable & modern underwear.
With a naughty smile & manly attitude, we are reaching out to the modern men in today's demanding world.
, INTEGRITY & MALE SENSUALITY. This all with a cheeky undertone.
Soft, comfortable fabrics are engineered into timeless designs.

IQONIQ will set out its own course in today's modern male underwear world. Keeping the underwear timeless, comfortable is our main goal.

We will be launching more colors, styles & designs of underwear under the IQONIQ UNDERWEAR label.
Also keep an eye open for our swim & sportswear products which we will be launching in the coming months." MORE POST AFTER PHOTO.

So now you have it. IQONIQ reminds me a bit of Calvin Klein in that they have basic colors with bright logo waistbands. So we'll see what they bring us soon. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

These look very tempting, none of those lo rise bits of things that don't even your cover the main event. Let alone the back botton crack.

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Anonymous said...

nice package!! ;D