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Saturday, May 26, 2007

New Items at TopDrawers

TopDrawers has added some great new items to their stock rooms. TopDrawers stocks many hard-to-find brands in addition to some main stream brands. I'm always very impressed with what I see there.

First off we have the hard-to-find Blend brand. I honestly have not been able to find this brand of underwear anywhere else. I've seen their clothing in department stores before, but never have I seen underwear from them.

Blend brand underwear is very fun and funky blended with a bit of sexy.

Up next we have the upscale brand Diesel. They are known for their trend-setting fashions season after season. Here's some of the new stuff at TopDrawers.

And finally we have Mundo Unico. Unico is a very popular brand that I have talked about many times before. Here's some of the new collection at TopDrawers.

So go check out Blend, Diesel, and Unico at TopDrawers.

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