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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Contest at JockBoyLocker

JockBoyLocker wants to give you some free Piggy Bottoms underwear from Ginch Gonch. It's very simple to enter and win. Just send an email to and give them your first name and the size you wear in briefs and a tank. Then tell them why you should get a free set of Piggie Bottom Briefs and Tank. Be creative! If you think pictures will help, send those too! And if you want, carbon copy (CC) your entry to me at and I'll post it so that other readers can read/see it too.

They are going to be giving away 20 sets. They will be awarding one set per day for the next 20 days. You may email them as often as you like. Only one winner per household.

As a special exclusive for UB readers, JockBoyLocker has guranteed that 5 out of the 20 sets will be awarded to UB readers. Just mention that you heard about the contest on this blog and you'll be all set to win. So really, I strongly urge you to enter because your chances of winning are great. As far as I can tell, this contest is not promoted on the JBL, it is just being promoted through blogs. Don't forget to let the jock boys at JockBoyLocker know that you heard about the contest here. Good luck!

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