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Sunday, May 20, 2007

JockBoyLocker new site now live!

The count-down for the re-launch of JockBoyLocker was not exactly accurate. But the site is back up again. At first glance the first thing that I notice is a brand new layout (shown in screen-cap above). There's a navbar on the left for searching through their locker in a number of ways (style, brand, etc). And on the right is a bar with a list of brands the brands' logos. The layout is very spiffy. JockBoyLocker has a definite look that they use in all their promotional material. My only complaint is that the layout is a little too wide and may not display correctly on lower resolution monitors (or you may have to scroll horizontally). Another interesting new feature that I have noticed is JockBoyMusic. Now you can have a locker soundtrack while browsing through their undies. So check that out as well. Overall the layout is a nice improvement. So props to jockboys Troy and Benji. I know they have some more exciting things coming up, so stay tuned.

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