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Friday, May 18, 2007

Cocksox now at 10percent

10percent notified me and wanted to let UB readers know that they are now offering Cocksox. 10percent is having an introductory sale on Cocksox so head on over there to buy.

A while back I had the opportunity to try out the Cocksox brief. I gave them an 8/10. You can read the review post here. Or here is a quick overview of what I thought:
  • ...One thing that is true about the fit of these underwear is that they truly do what they say they do. They do enhance quite a bit. But not unrealistically. The enhancement that they give is very believable and does not look like you have stuffed your pants, or that you are constantly having a boner. It just looks like you are a very healthy, well-endowed man....
  • ...The style is excellent. The look great. They have a very sexy, revealing front. But a modest, full back. This is a really nice style because you can get the revealingness of thong underwear without the strap up the butt....[Unless of course you buy the thong style, which was not around when I wrote this review]

So that said, the Cocksox are worth a whirl, especially at a reduced price. As always, you can purchase Cocksox at

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