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Sunday, May 27, 2007

dik has its photo taken

This is the fourth installment in a series of posts by dik founder Marcus. Enjoy!
It was a big day today in dik land. Finally, we’ve been able to have our photo shoot! We finished up a little while ago with all our models, photographer and make-up artist. It was a long day for me, starting at 6am.

We did the shoot on location, rather than at a studio. We managed to locate space in a house that provided the perfect backdrops we were after. It was an absolute blast. We can’t wait to have all you guys see the amazing shots we took. The models are unbelievable sexy and we think that you guys will be blown away by the looks of some of the poses that will be used in our advertisements.

Because we had planned to actually do this shoot a few months ago (before we had to switch manufacturers due to unbelievably terrible initial samples), so we were very well prepared. We knew exactly what shots we were going for so there was very little time wasted. All the people involved had also been interviewed and selected well ahead of time. We were very relieved to finally have them able to come over for the shoot. There had been more than one scheduled date that needed to be cancelled.

The extra time was a blessing though. Aside from the shots we had planned for months now, it also allowed us to come up with some additional shots for further marketing and product shots that we hadn’t thought of initially. Had we done this earlier, odds are we would have needed to do another shoot in the near future.

This was the first shoot I have taken part in as the controlling party. It was a great experience. I need to commend all those involved. The models showed up in amazing shape. I think you’ll agree when you see the pictures of just how buff they are.

There are going to be some very exciting developments incredibly quickly now! If you’ve signed up for newsletter updates, you’ll be in for a surprise soon. If not, stay tuned here and around the web for announcements.

founder of dik

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