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Monday, May 28, 2007

JockBoyLocker contest update!

You may remember a post about the Piggy Bottoms contest going on at JockBoyLocker. I was serious when I told you that if you mention that you heard about their contest on UB (this blog) you will be more likely to win a set of Ginch Gonch Piggy Bottoms. In fact, this has already paid off for two lucky UB readers. Here's their winning entries:

As crafty pig or a cunningHAM, I would like to tell you why I should get a free set of Piggie Bottom Briefs and Tank. Rather than boar you with too much detail my name is Kirt. Since I start reading Men’s UnderwearBlog I’ve followed your company’s success. I could tell you a bunch of hogwash about my favorite ballet being Swine Lake, but the Wurst of it is my partner is from the saus-age and he suggested I root around my pig pen for some nicer underwear. Like a piiiig with four eyes even with my glasses on I could not find a cool pair to wear. For a few months I’ve followed your company’s success, but as a teacher I’m waiting until pig’s fly to be able to afford some nice undies. Not really. I just thought I try for this contest.
Winner number 3

Well I saw this great contest on and thought I would enter. I LOVE underwear but sadly I am a poor college student who can’t take anymore of my parents money to buy underwear. I have a number of pairs that I love but have yet to be able to afford any Ginch Gonch since they are usually more expensive then other brands. If I won these I would be the happiest boy in my whole school (The Evergreen State College Olympia, WA), and it would make the end of my school that much better. I would hope you would consider me for this contest because it is not everyday you can make a poor student’s day. You know it might even raise my grades? Well, at least it would get make all the other boys jealous of my great underwear.
Winner number 4

If you still have not yet won a set, there is still time. Be sure to mention that you heard about it here. Troy asked me to remind you to mention your first name and size (because there have been a few entries without that information). Also, if you have already entered and not yet won you can enter again! And finally, be sure to check out the The Lockerroom Blog for all the winning entries. So send your name, size, a mention of UB, and why you think you should get a set of Piggy Bottoms to

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Anonymous said...

I just got an e-mail to say I'm the 8th winner! Thanks for letting me know about the contest!!