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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Core-point Underwear (re)launched!

As I alerted you a while back, Check-point is now officially re-launched as Core-Point. Their styles are very similar to what they had going on before. The only major difference is that they have discontinued their boxer shorts. I think this is rather interesting and shows an increasing trend towards trunks and briefs instead of boxer shorts among the fashionable consumer. The fall line, however, has some exciting things in store (hopefully I'll be able to give you all a sneak peek soon). If you don't remember about Core-Point (formerly Check-point). Basically Core-point makes street inspired underwear for men. They have trunks and low-rise trunks in multiple colors and unique street prints. The whole line revolves around the motto "Be Different Inside". Go check out their site, you are bound to find something of interest. If you would like a little more info, go back and read this post.

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