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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mensuas Contest Winner!

You may remember that in honor of our second anniversary we ran a little contest in conjunction with Mensuas. I am pleased to announce the winner. Congratulations to Greg P. from New York, New York. Here's the entry he won with:
"How has mens underwear blog affected my life and my underwear collection? Well...being a fan of a few underwear related blogs, and obviously underwear in general, I am always amazed at the quality and amount of information that I can find on your blog about styles, fit, brands, deals, etc. It's like a one stop shopping, especially with all of the links you guys provide! In's great, amazing, a worthwhile investment of my time...I know I will get quality information and "only the best" will make the cut! Thanks for all of the hard work...but it begs the question...when you're putting the blog together...are you working hard or hard at work? Had to be asked! ;-p

Thanks again for the effort and achievements!!! congrats on the anniversary...quite a milestone in internet years!"
And Greg has promised to keep us all updated on what he buys and perhaps he'll even do a guest review or two.

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