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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Designer Underwear

Why buy designer underwear? Why not just buy Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, Jockey, and other such brands? That is the question that I am often asked. Well there are a lot of reason to buy things besides generic brands. First off there is the quality and comfort factor. You are more likely to get quality and lasting underwear if they don't come in a three-pack. But you do also have to keep in mind that not all expensive underwear is good quality (but in my experience, most of it is). Second, there is the sexy factor. Usually designer underwear tends to look more sexy because it is better fitting and just that whole designer label thing (but there are some people who are so sexy that they can make any underwear look sexy). But this last reason, is what I consider to be my most interesting and most sincere answer. In a country (the USA) where everything is run by money, many dream of owning expensive things, including designer clothing. The thing is, designer clothing can be quite expensive. But if you buy designer underwear you don't necessarily have to be rich to own it because usually underwear is the most inexpensive thing that a designer makes. Also, if someone sees a designer label on your waistband they will assume that you must be wearing all designer clothing. Because after all, not very many people wear designer underwear and Wal-Mart everything else.

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