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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Celeb Ewan McGregor wears aussieBum...

I was just doing a bit of searching around the web for underwear news and I learned that celebrity Ewan McGregor is way into aussieBum wonderjocks. You may know Ewan as Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars epic. Anyway, I learned that this Scottish actor ordered such a large amount of aussieBum undies that aussieBum had to do a credit check on him! Now that's a lot of underwear. As aussieBum founder Sean Asby says,
“We found out that Ewan McGregor was buying them only because he made such a huge order and we had to do a credit check.

“The fact these are selling so fast proves size matters to a modern man. The Wonderjocks were originally done as a bit of a joke after someone said to us, ‘Could you do something that makes me look a bit larger?’”

So there you have it folks. And this just goes to show that regular people are not the only ones into designer undies, celebrities are also getting in on the act.


Ryan said...

If you go to the aussieBum site, they deny the rumor about which you write.

UMan said...

I cannot find anything about it on the official aussieBum site. I will check with my contact at aussieBum and see if they can confirm or deny this "rumor".

underneath said...

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