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Monday, July 09, 2007

Running out of Lines

Today we got a great question from one of our readers asking for some advice, here's a bit of what he wrote:
I've started jogging quite a bit lately and bought a few pairs of tights/spandex shorts and I've come to a realisation [sic] that most of these shorts or pants aren't really constructed to be worn without undergarments. But here's the thing, what do you really wear under something like that ? The only thing I seem to come up with is a thong... Should I be wearing a different size and go commando for better performance from what I'm wearing?...
Since I'm a runner myself I'll try to answer this one. Okay, so the main question here is what do you wear under these shorts. Let me start off by saying when I run I prefer a good running short like this one from aussieBum. One with a short length and plenty of leg movement. But if you prefer a compression type running short, you have several options in what to wear underneath, it all depends on what you want to show.

My first recommendation would be a slim jockstrap, I never go running without one on. Its best to go with one that has thin butt straps (I don't know if there is a technical name) and a slim waist band, try a swimmers jock, I find that they work great. I few weeks ago I reviewed the jock that I most often run in, and I think you'll find that the N2N will leave very few lines. Below are a few others that would work too:

  • The Sheer Pocket Sling from N2N Bodywear, has no backstraps and is made of a sheer fabric so your junk will be able to breath. This one I found off their website and has a great price of only $12.00 (US)
  • WildmanT has designed the perfect Micro Jock, I haven't had a chance to try this one yet, but the design looks great and it looks to be perfect for wearing under tight clothing. This jock comes in great colors and defiantly won't show under your shorts. I found this one off of this one is available in two styles, the original for $16.00 (US) and the laced for $18.00.
  • My next style would be a g-string, a thong is going to cause some irritation when running. The great thing about a g-string is there will be no lines at all, and it will look as if you aren't wearing anything underneath.
  • I guess you will notice I choose N2N stuff a lot, so once again, I would try the BT String from well This suit has strings instead of fabric, as true G-Strings do, and the front pouch is made out of a great stretch fabric. This one I guarantee will not show any lines, and I'm willing to bet you'll even forget you're wearing anything underneath your shorts. I found this great pair at and they sell for a cool price of $13.00 (US)
  • The Micro Sport Pouch, my final style of chose comes from, this is designed for the athletic person, and may be exactly what you are looking for. This piece is a small pouch that wrap around the dick and balls, to provide support and to conceal what you're packing below. I found this one at and it sells for $21.00 (US). This suit is also great for tanning.
So I hope that one of these will help you, and good luck in running, and please let me know if any of these help.


Anonymous said...

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UMan said...

Lo siento por el mal español, yo no lo hablan. Estos son todos los sitios web, con lo que se pueden comprar en línea y van a enviar a usted en España.