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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Perfect Tan Lines

Tan lines, two words that strike fear in the hearts and on the skins of millions of tanners world wide. I know I hate tan lines, unless they are done right. "Done right?", you may ask. Yes I’m here to say if you wear the right thing, tan lines can not only be a good thing, but an incredibly sexy thing. But they can also be something that must be avoided. So here are my favorite picks for suits that give you sexy tan lines, and suits that leave you with none at all. So get your tanning oils ready, strip down to those bikini swim briefs and let’s catch some rays. has suits that fit perfectly into both of these categories so that’s the brand to start with. Koalaswim is known for their outrages fetish suits, and their tiny swim suits that are always fun to look at and even more fun to wear.

The Streamline suit is a bikini style suit, so it will be great to wear at any beach, or even in the backyard (if you wear anything in the backyard.) The front is extremely low-cut, and the back is a bikini thong hybrid, which shows off your butt. This is a great suit and you will definitely have very few lines from this one. The Streamline sells for $32.00 (US) at

So this next one also comes from, and it is my favorite tanning suit. The Micro Sport Swimmers Pouch, is exactly what the name says, it’s a micro pouch to hold your junk, and nothing else. This suit has a great design, and fits right around the base of the dick to cover the dick and balls. The Pouch is made of lyrca so its great for swimming and beach going, but I wouldn’t recommended you do much swimming in it. The best part of this suit is it allows you to get an all over tan, but keeps the penis and sensitive skin around it from burning. Just watch out for sand up your butt! Get this one at for $21.00 (US).

The next suit comes from the guys at Rufskin, this one is a great denim suit called Scout. This low-cut bikini has a great ring right one the hip, and has a great cut in the front, and shows off a little skin in the back. The scout is available at and sells for $53.00 (US).

Tulio has a great suit that gives no back coverage, and very little in the front. I’ve never been a big fan of showing off my hairy butt in public, but after I saw this one, I’m rethinking that. This suit is pretty dang sexy, instead of straps holding the front and the back together this one has chains and metal rings. The Chain Side Bikini from Tulio comes in several colors, and can be found on Guys, this is one I want you to check out, and it only costs a hot $29.00.

If you’re looking for a suit that has full coverage, but won’t leave you with tan lines that everyone will see, check out the Low Rise swim briefs from Marc Ouest. These come several designs, and colors from one with a thong back, to one with a really nice sunset design. I can assure you, you will have fun in these suits and you’ll want to wear them to the beach, to the pool, or even as underwear. I found these at and the prices range from $24.00-$40.00.

My final suit comes from Aussie Bum, this one will only work if you’re wet, so get a float and get out in the water. The Wonder Jock swim briefs are not your average swimsuits for more than one reason, first, this suit has the wonder-jock technology, and these suits become sexier and sheerer the wetter they get. So leave your inhibitions behind, flaunt your stuff and get these puppies wet. These came from and sell for around $30.00. For a great tan I would recommend getting the white.

Okay guys, so there you have it, my picks for getting great tan lines. But with these perfect lines comes some responsibilities, these are simple but they are so very important to become fully sexy. First off, if you’re tanning in public in any of these suits you gotta do some shaving, no one wants to see a dude in a bikini if he is covered in hair. So get a good razor and give that hair down there a good wack, I’m not saying shave it all, but keep it trimmed, I always leave a little stubble, cause what girl (or guy) doesn’t like their man to be a little ruff around the edges. And finally, if you haven’t got a base tan, don’t head to the beach just yet, wait till you get a little sun, so strip off those clothes you’re wearing, yeah I mean all of them (hey man, the briefs have gotta go too) and head out to the back yard, and get a little tan (everywhere.)

So there you have it, summer is already in full swing, so get out there, and get a good bake.


Anonymous said...

I like the Koalaswim Micro Sport Swimmers Pouch. When I went to Blackpool last year with my brothers and sisters, I wore it to swim in and it got attention from the ladies. It was so comfortable, I left my other clothing at the B&Band just wore the pouch all day! I was walking down a street with my brothers and sisters when two giggling women grabbed an arm of mine each, and a third appeared and whipped off my pouch and ran away with it!

My brothers and sisters were in hysterics! The two remaining women asked if they would mind if they kept hold of my arms while we were walking. They said they wouldn't mind, so there I was with my hands outstretched so I could not cover my dick. The attention I got in this state made it go erect. My brothers and sisters had cameras with them, so they took photos of me fully naked with an erection! Unfortunately, I was not led back to the B&B as planned but was paraded around blackpool like that and eventually tied to a fence with a notice saying "W**nk him till he cums!" placed next to me. So passers by (fortunately only females) were wanking me off in public (no kids were around by now thankfully) while my siblings took more photos of these acts!

The photos of my erect cock nd of me cumming and being wanked were all placed into the family album which my sister kept. She also got the photo of me cumming with my erect cock, enlarged to A3 size and put it on her living room wall.

I protested at first, but she said "Admit it, that was your best trip to Blackpool ever. I'm not going to take the photo down off my wall, but think about it, do you really care?" She was right, it was my best trip and so in the end, I liked the reminder on her wall.

Anonymous said...

Donde podría en contrar la Micro Sport Swimmers Pouch en España? gracias espero respuesta