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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Nasty Pig at Jockstrap Central

The new Nasty Pig underwear is now available at  Jockstrap Central is also featuring a new model for the new undies.  Here's what they have to say about Paulo:

Paulo's the latest hunky model to join the Jockstrap Central hunk club. He's from Lisbon, Portugal but luckily for us, he was visiting Toronto for a few weeks. We we're driving up the street and there he was, hanging out in front of the local coffee shop talking to friends. Jamming on the brakes (and almost causing an accident) we jumped out of the car to hand Paulo a business card.

Now, you have to realize that approaching people this way rarely works as they just pass you off as being some creepy pervert that wants to get into their pants, but we explained to him that in fact we wanted him to get into our pants - well, underwear to be exact. He took the card, went home to check out the website, and immediately gave us a call. Within a few days he was decked out in Nasty Pig and working the camera.

So there you have it!  So check out Nasty Pig on Paulo only at Jockstrap Central.  

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