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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Celeb Underwear Sighting: Matt Damon

Matt Damon, also known as Jason Bourne, can be seen in the upcoming blockbuster The Bourne Ultimatum.  The theatrical trailers for this movie feature a shot of Damon jumping off a building and briefly exposing a blue waistband.  The question is, "Is that part of his costume, or is that his own underwear?".  Well we may never find out, but what I can say is we know for a fact that he prefers Calvin Klein boxerbriefs.  How?  Well in this article at Contact Music he talks about it.  Damon says that:
I had one pair of [CK boxerbriefs] when I was a broke actor and they were my favourite. I remember thinking, 'When I get enough money, I'm going to buy ten pairs of these.'

"A few years ago, I went into a store in New York, but the manager said, 'Let us get those for you.' I said, 'No I'll carry them over to the register.' He said, 'Just take the underwear.' I said, 'I have to pay for it, this is an important moment in my life.' But he wouldn't let me pay.

"So now I go there to get pants for all my friends."

So I guess if you get to be friends with Matt, you'll have free underwear for life! That's a nice prospect. And as to the photo, well that waistband could very well be a CK one. Who knows...

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