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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Jameswinston winners announced!

The winners of the Jameswinston Co. contest to win free underwear have been announced. If you are interested in reading what they have to say, check it out below. Jameswinston received over 500 entries for this contest, so the competition was fierce. Brian of Jameswinston just wants to extend his gratitude to all you guys who entered for making this contest such a success. Winners after the photo. Winner first prize - Jeff Stinson - Pennsylvania, USA.
I first saw a Jameswinston (Underwear) Co. advertisement on an underwear blog. Being a huge underwear fan I had to check them out. I was so impressed with the styles and especially the colors. The underwear looked comfortable and unique compared to a lot of styles I'd seen online or in department stores here in the States. Upon entering the contest, I mentioned what I'd like to see and Brian returned my message quickly. He assured me that no matter how big Jameswinston Co. got they would always make time to respond. That, to me is incredible customer service. I hadn't even ordered anything and I could tell Brian took my suggestions to heart. Products and customer service are definitely what will have me ordering from Jameswinston Underwear Co. Ltd. in the future!

Thanks again so much!!


Second Prize - Jonathon Lynn - Colorado, USA
As a connoisseur of men's underwear Jameswinston is the ultimate in quality, comfort and style. In my opinion they understand a man's body and what we want from our underwear. Clearly they're a company who's sole purpose and goal was to design an underwear range that not only looks great but fits like no other.

Keep up the great work and good luck with the re- launch you deserve nothing but success

Regards and thanks

Jonathan Lynn

Third - Michel Brabants - Maasmechelen, Belgium
I'm a 23-old male, who mainly wears boxers and trunks. I also have a Jameswinston classic rib at the moment.
My first impression of their trunk pant was that the fit (the cut and fabric) felt really good.
Personally, I like the ribbed look, and found it suitable for many types of occasions.
The styling is in my opinion is subtle yet excellent.

Traditionalists can argue with me about their use of colors but never the fit! :)

Thanks and greetings,

Michel Brabants.

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