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Friday, July 06, 2007

Vizeau Fall/Winter 2007

Vizeau, a swimwear company that is probably best know for their overly sexy swimsuits for men, has just released their Fall/Winter 2007 collection. This collection is one that you must check out, for the first time in several seasons I think they have created a suit for every guy. This season's designs range from my favorite, the Masoch design, which is a v-cut racer with a very interesting back strapwork, to one like in the picture above or even a basic swim truck. For the athletic type I would recommend something like the Gino, which would be great for swimming laps in the pool. Or if you prefer a little sunbathing and people watching on the beach go with the Snake, which has a great front design and full back. If you go for that early morning run around the block like I do, try the Alain. With its super short legs and scooped sides the Alian is sure to make those extra miles worth it. Say you're not in perfect shape but you still want to feel sexy (and what guy doesn't?) pull on 0302, this is a great trunk style suit with a roomy front pouch to hold everything in. And finally if you feel like living on the wild side take a swim in the Sliver, which leaves only a sliver of skin covered, this suit is a Vizeau signature and has a one leg thong design. As always these suits are very sexy, and are supposed to be shown off.  So whether you’re at the local pool, on South Beach, or some beach on the coast of France, go ahead and show it off!
As you guys may have noticed, this post was written by Chandler.  He has now become a permanent part of UB due to popular demand.  I'm sure he will have lots of interesting things to say in the future.  I know I'm looking forward to reading it.  

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