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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Jock Review by a Jock

Hey Guys,
This is a test guest review by Chandler. If you guys like what he writes, let me know and he may become a full-time reviewer. Here's a bit of information about this jock boy:
This year he’ll be starting his senior year of high school in backwoods Kentucky. He does a lot of traveling, and whenever he's on vacation he likes to pick up new underwear or swimwear. At his high school he plays varsity soccer, swimming, and track, "I’m a bit of an athlete" he says. But he's also known for his sense of style, "I’m a sucker for really good underwear, and I feel its less important the price, and more important how the underwear makes you feel. I love to wear swim briefs, and whenever its swimming season, my teammates are always amazed by the new 'speedos' I wear. My friends are always asking me for advice on what to wear, so I guess I’m a little obsessive about what I wear." Well there you have it, so without further ado I give you Chandler's review.
I once read somewhere that N2N should attach a label to all their products saying "Shave your pubes" and from the very moment I put on the N2N Tropic jock I found this statement to be true, this jock is truly low-rise. N2N Bodywear has long been know for its innovative designs and use of fabrics, and this one definitely does not come up short on either. This jock is designed using slim straps and their Tropics fabric, which is part rayon and part spandex. This makes the jock very light and breathable, and allows the fabric to contour to you. It has a certain way of just gently cupping, and giving the right amount of support. This isn't your old school jock either; I am an athlete in every sense of the word I run three miles a day and play four varsity sports at my high school, so I would say I'm used to wearing a jock, although in recent years I have opted for compression shorts for support, but when its 90 degrees outside a jock seems much more comfortable. I found that the N2N was not only supportive, it was the most comfortable (and sexy) jock I have ever worn. I am a big believer that a jock is not only for sports but should also be comfortable enough to wear as regular underwear. So I found that after wearing this one for several days, and washing it nightly, that I have no complaints with anything about this jock. During the day I often forgot I was even wearing one, which I feel is a sign of great underwear. Before wearing this one I was afraid of how my jeans would feel against my bare behind, (I personally have never worn a thong, and prefer full coverage in the rear) but I actually think that was one of my favorite parts of this jock. I put the jock to the ultimate challenge by wearing it to a soccer scrimmage. Normally stuff wants to fall out, but with the N2N everything down there stayed in place. When running down the field everything held tight, and unlike jocks with wider straps the N2N didn’t constrict any leg movement. My only complaint on this jock is after several washes the straps in the back started to stretch, and caused the front to sag as well, which allowed for bunching right between the legs.

All in all this is the best jock that I've worn, it is a great value, and I have now converted from a true compression shorts follower to a faithful jock-strap wearer. Whether you are an athlete or not, this is definitely one of the most comfortable pieces of underwear you could ever add to your collection. And don't forget to shave your pubes (if you're wearing this one).


Overall, I give the N2N Tropic Jock a total score of 7 based on the following criteria:
FIT -- 6 (out of 10)
COMFORT -- 10 (out of 10)
STYLE -- 7 (out of 10)
QUALITY -- 7 (out of 10)
VALUE -- 8 (out of 10)

********** 7
-Review by Chandler
Please comment and let me know if you'd like to see Chandler continue posting some reviews.


Javier said...

Wow, in addition to being very well written and informative (I could imagine how this jock would feel on me), the fact he's in high school makes reading it totally hot!

Anonymous said...

The review is well written and honest. He's a great addition.