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Monday, July 02, 2007

Exclusive Interview: O Boxers

I recently had a chance to sit down at the keyboard with Analisa, co-founder of O Boxers, to have a chat with her about her thoughts on men's underwear and her plans for her line. Here's what she had to say...

UB: What exactly prompted you to go into the business of making men's underwear?
O: I am a big fan of underwear. I love the options available to women when it comes to underwear and while I was working at Victoria's Secret in college I kept wondering why men didn't have the option of luxurious underwear that makes them feel sexy. When I was about to graduate from college, Cyn came to me with an idea of producing men's underwear using a fabric called modal. Being so soft and sensual, we blended modal with cotton and Lycra to create the softest, most sophisticated and durable underwear for men.

UB: Why the name 'O'? What exactly does it mean and what do you want it to evoke?
O: We conceptualized it around the shape of a woman's lips when she's in bed with a man. We made in purple and classy looking to be subtle about the concept.

UB: Why men's underwear?
O: Men don't get to pay as much attention to their intimate wear as women do. Good, comfortable underwear helps make women feel confident and sexy. I want to do the same thing for men, they have their fun underwear and their sexy underwear- but it will always be comfortable underwear.

UB: What was your inspiration for this line?
O: Men. I am a big fan of men and when they are confident is when they are the sexiest.

UB: What is your favorite style of underwear for men?
O: Boxer briefs. The way they hug a man is incredibly provocative and I love it.

UB: Do you have plans of expanding into other sorts of men's clothing?
O: We plan to stay a men's undergarment company. We'd like to concentrate on different styles of men's underwear. We're also looking into men's undershirts and lounge wear. That's the furthest we're planning on expanding to for now.

UB: Why black underwear? Why not other colors?
O: We are planning to start manufacturing different colors and designs. We started off with basic black because it is simple, sophisticated and black underwear has always symbolized something sexual.

UB: Why have you opted not to make a brief? Do you plan on making one in the future?
O: We feel that boxer briefs give a nice combination of the coverage of boxers, but the support of a brief. For all the brief guys out there, give it a shot. Boxer briefs are incredibly sexy.

UB: Who do you hope to target with your line of underwear?
O: Our main target is working men between the ages of 25-40. But men in general, because every man needs a good pair of underwear.

UB: Do you plan on doing any photo shoots with models in your underwear?
O: Definitely. Any interested men can shoot an email my way at:

UB: What are you plans for this line in the future?
O: Expand in colors, designs and styles. I plan to give men the options that are available to women. They can have their everyday boxers along with their special occasion boxers, all from O!

UB: Do you have any other comments?
O: Go ahead and try on a pair!

I hope you all found this interview enlightening and enjoyable. Let me know your thoughts on this interview and having interview in general on this blog. And be looking for more interviews in the future.


Master David said...

The interview seems to project a very realistic approach to underwear for men. However, the website address of oboxers is printed in the column. Who can resist looking at it? The website destroys the image of a woman with common sense developing an underwear company for men. The website is very difficult to read, equally unfriendly to use, and actually arrogant in its approach to equal billing for its personal accounts and products. It is a costly venture establishing a new company, but arrogance will not win friends and influence customers. Let's not be too elegant and uppity until we have been able to keep the doors open a few months.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a pair of oboxers recently after viewing the website. I like the simple design and love the idea of a super soft modal blend of boxers. I like the simple black design; it's elegant and straightforward.

UMan said...

Rey, let us know what you think when you get them.