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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Say it Right

Okay, guys, so here's the problem, we here at UB wanna hear from you, we love our readers, and we wanna know what is on your minds, not just what is on ours. So if you've got something to say, say it, it can be anything at all, we just wanna hear from you. We know that you read what we have to say, but we just don't know what you think of what we have to say. So use that little button at the bottom of every post, and leave us one. That would be great! Lata, Chandler.


JayToday said...

Ok guys, i'ma crack a few open here.
Keep seeing ya'll asking for people to have some imput and/or throw some questions at you.

I have two questions, one I think may perhaps have been adressed, but can't seem to find the post; reagrding the wonderjock line from AB. I saw a video recently from those traveling women getting then to try on the udnerwear and they get to keep them wtvr. The problem was that this particular guy couldn't get his junk into or to stay in the compartment (!?) he just manages to tuck his balls in and had to wear his penis up, wihch really wasn't very attractive in the underwear he had on. Now, I'm not a HUGE guy, but I am over 6' tall and I do pack some heat and I'm a little concerened if these are actually gonna be comfortable/fit at all. Any thoughts ?

Second question. I've started jogging quite a bit lately and bought a few paird of tighs/spandex shorts and I've come to a realisation that most of these shorts or pants aren't really constructed to be worn without undergarments. But here's the thing, what do you really wear under something like that ? The only thing I seem to come up with is a thong, but at the same time, I had noticed most professional athletes don't waer anything either, so should I be wearing a different size and go comando for better performance from what I'm wearing ? Since I'd rather not go comando at the present, since I'm only a few bounces and strides away from an erection and there's NO hiding it in a blue singlet for example.. heh. I was thinking perhaps a jock, but then thought to myself what unsightly underwear lines that would cause on my reaar. HELP!

UMan said...

Jaytoday. I understand your concern about the wonderjock. I too have seen those videos, although my feeling is that they do not actually give the guys the correct size. They pretty much just give them whatever they're carrying around. So that may have been the issue. In my experience everything fits in just fine, you just have to be soft when putting it on. AussieBum stuff runs a little small, so if you are nervous buy a size up.

Chandler answered your second question in this fantastic post. Also, I would recommend a Y-back jock from RIPS.