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Friday, January 19, 2007

JustHom updates and freebie

Here's a little news update from JustHom. Just received this by email. In honor of Adam's birthday they are giving away some party favors. Also they are allowing you to vote on the new colors of the Hom Plume string.

He's decided to give customers a present! If your order is worth £30 or more (not including postage) between now and midnight UK time Sunday, you’ll get a little extra in your parcel - a great HOM shower mousse.

FAB NEWS - we're talking to HOM about producing their famous Plume string in new colours for the autumn. We know lots of Justhom customers will be delighted at the news, so now we need to know which you'd really buy? This poll is limited to five choices - metal (gold or silver), blue, green, pink and violet. Of course we would be very careful to choose just the right shade of each one. And we're not promising to have all of them, probably just two, but you tell us which would be your top choice. Vote now - the poll is only running for five days so go to and submit your vote (left hand side of website)"

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