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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

3 column layout?

I am thinking of changing the template to a three column layout (the linked blog uses the template that I would use) so it is easier to access and view all the sidebar features. I want to get some user feedback on this because if I'm going to do this it will be quite a bit of work and I want to make sure that my users feel that it would be beneficial. So let me know what you think about this.


Unknown said...

3 columns could help the problem of the page extending past posts when viewing only a few. (If, perhaps, links were on one side and ads on the other, the page would not extend as far if viewing a few posts during a search or whatnot.)


Anonymous said...

Stay the way it is, you are awesome already.

JayToday said...

Looks like a lot of extra crap along the left side, which I don't think you really need. Prolly a good way to make money, but prolly irritate readers more then anything.

If you're trying to balance that, you can still rearange a little without the usless spam on the left, or perhaps if you were to use teh left for something more utilitarian, it may be more apealing.

UMan said...

OK guys, let me clarify. The third column would be used just for the stuff that is currently up (perhaps one more ad, but otherwise the same stuff). The only purpose would be so that the right column isn't so long and you won't have such a long page when viewing one entry.