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Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Brand: TAXI

TAXI is a young company specializing in high quality undergarments for men. I believe this is their first line. It is very extensive and incredibly unique. Their website is definitely worth a look, they have so much to offer. They are not availble at many locations yet, but they will be arriving in lots of boutiques shortly. But at the moment you can buy them at Wyzman. The selection at Wyzman does not include the entire line, but it is fairly extensive. I am really liking the looks of this brand. It is just so unique. The fun colors in bold, geometric patterns makes for a great statement that no one else will have.


Anonymous said...

Although they are competition :-) I have to say, I like this line. Good to see another Canadian company making their mark on the scene. Does anyone know exactly how long they have been around?

UMan said...

Marcus, I'm not exactly sure. But on their website their first news article is from September 2005, so they've at least been around for that long. From what they wrote in that entry I'm pretty sure that that was their first entry. So I'd say September 2005 is when they started.