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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Underwear Answers (UA): Kilt thong

As you may or may not remember, a while back I started a series on UB called Underwear Answers. The purpose is to answer any questions readers have about underwear. Readers often send me questions via email and this is a good way for my answers to benefit all my readers who may have a similar question. This is the second installment of this series. Please, feel free to send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them.
Here's a question from Ryan:
First off, thank you for a good and useful blog. I am straight, but still enjoy feeling sexy in my underwear, and I appreciate your heads-up on new stuff.

I am getting married in August, and as a little wedding-night joke, I would like to find a kilt thong that I can wear to surprise my bride. Do you guys know of any good ones, and/or how to get one?

My response:
When I first received this question I was not sure what Ryan meant. But after doing a little Googling I found out exactly what he was talking about. I recommended that he check out this kilt thong at Skinz. The kilt thong comes in four different fabrics or you can have them make it from any fabric they have. They have a customer service line that can help you out with any questions. It should be noted that there is no pouch underneath the "kilt" section so it is not a very supportive style. It is simply a twin woven band frame that converges into a thong back. It sells for $19. Now I do not recommend this as every day underwear because it would bunch up under pants and probably would not be very comfortable or supportive. But for a wedding night joke (especially if you are Scottish) it is cute. Ryan contacted me a couple weeks after my response and told me: "I just wanted to share that I received my kilt thong today. It fits well and looks hot....The retailer is very easy to work with, and their stuff looks hot. I probably will order from them again."

So if you have any pressing underwear questions, send me an email ( and I'll answer it on Underwear Answers.

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