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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Jameswinston - The ProFIL Panel

The new Jameswinston Co. line features the ProFIL Panel. The ProFIL (pronounced "profile") panel is a new feature in male enhancement underwear that enhances the look of the packages without any strings or gimmicks, it's simply natural package enhancement. It's all you! The best part about this new feature is that it is still adjustable and you can have as much or as little enhancement as you want. The panel is simply a double-layered front panel that you just adjust to achieve the amount of enhancement that you desire. I'm not entirely sure how this works, but I'll explore and explain this later once I've got my samples and tried them out a bit. In the image below you can see how it really creates a nice profile on the model Sasha. The other image (below) is of Brian James, founder of Jameswinston, and his model Sasha.
UPDATE: Guys, check out the comments on this post for a little explanation from Brian James about the ProFIL panel. Thanks Brian.

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Anonymous said...

Morning from Dubai Uman!

I thought I'd give some further clarification on ProFIL Panel:-

The idea was to counteract 'front panels' that held you too tight or too loosely. Doubling the material added support and 'absorption'. More importantly, getting the shape of the panel just right meant we found you were able to display your 'God-given' assets in the most impressive way possible. Of course there are more exaggerated methods of achieving this but our marketing found that a lot of guys didn't want to go with many of the current gimmicks but would be happy to buy something that made them look as impressive as HUMANLY possible. We had numerous fit tests before striking on the correct shape but thereafter it's ALL about the wearer - how he wants to position himself. Ultimately, when he takes off one of our pants NO-ONE is going to be thinking wha' happen?!! Just... 'Man, doesn't he look good in underwear!' :)

I'll be back in touch with you Friday but I hope this clarifies all for your users. We are proud of what we're producing and there's a LOT more innovation to come from Jameswinston Co. It's also great to see some more editorial on all the new brands coming out! Props to Uman

Kind regards

Brian James

Jameswinston Co.