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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Two New lines from aussieBum

aussieBum has been previewing some of their upcoming lines on their AusLife section. AusLife is basically aussieBum's announcement blog. So be sure to check that out occasionally. Two of these lines that I want to quickly tell you about are the Jungle line and the Manga line. More information after image.

The Jungle line was just announced today. It is basically animal printed undies. The 'Jungle Series' will be a strictly limited release. aussieBum promises that the quality and feel is absolutely amazing. They are created using the world's most luxurious fabric and hand printed in Italy by master printers. There will be four different Jungle inspired designs to help bring out the animal in you. More information after image.
The Manga line was announced April 6 and has been generating quite a bit of buzz already. As you may know, Manga is a style of Japanese art that is presented in graphic novel form. This line takes inspiration from the stylized Manga art and brings the same bold colors and shapes to prints on underwear. It was promised to be availble in a week (and that was on the 6th), but after talking with the people at aussieBum it looks like it will probably take at least two more weeks.

But whenever these come out, these are some fun new lines to be looking forward to in the coming months.

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