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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

WildmanT update

WildmanT is a company that I have been telling you about for a while, they are the ones behind the new Ball Lifter. But did you know that they are a family run company? Neither did I. All the underwear is hand-sewn by family members. They have been having trouble meeting the rush as of late (what with their excellent new products and high demand for them), therefore they will be switching to a manufacturer soon. Also, the Ball Lifters are back in stock (they sold out almost immediately and were on back order, but they are all caught up now and back on sale). So hurry now before they sell out again. The images you see are from a cute little flash animation from WildmanT called "No Package Stan". So check that out too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I received my ball lifter within 3 days. It really works and improves my appearance. I was somewhat disappointed in that I was charged $3.95 for shipping and when it arrived it was in a plain envelope with .63 cents postage. I think it would be better if Tim would just say, "postage included."