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Friday, April 13, 2007

Jameswinston Press Release - April 2007

Jameswinston (Underwear) Co. Ltd – PRESS RELEASE Apr ‘ 07

UK web - based men’s underwear brand Jameswinston Co. is shortly to launch it’s new updated ‘Retro’ Spring/Summer 2007 line. Apart from eye - catching designs (and two further product additions) their impending internet marketing campaign features some of the most innovative creative imagery in an industry notorious for generically marketed product. And alongside recent confirmation of a feature and photoshoot within FHM Magazine UK July ‘07 issue the overall effect threatens to catapult this UK start-up company from cult underwear brand to ‘eyebrow raising’ contender status. All in just over six months into their existence - no mean feat in such a competitive, some would say, crowded market sector.

The new ‘Retro’ range (the word ‘Trunk’ is dropped off the main description) is more contemporary styled than it’s deliberately understated ‘Retro Trunk’ predecessor. The sublime cloth colours palette remains a staple whilst, amongst other facets, the clever use of contrast stitching on the garment achieves a definably individual look. Jameswinston Co. founder Brian James says. ‘ We’ve been through a heavy learning curve since launching because of naivety and inexperience. We brought ‘luxury brand’ quality at a decent price the first time round but we did need a more ‘visual’ product design to qualify as fashion underwear ’.

Unusually for a start -up, Jameswinston Co. garnered wide acclaim for it’s exceptional quality and fit from the off. James agrees ‘ Yeah, people raved about us but unfortunately we didn’t know our market well enough to motivate sufficient numbers to experience it for themselves. We’re at home with our brand now and people will see that in our new direction. James also quickly learnt how large retail really works. ‘It wouldn’t have mattered if we were brilliant from the start. Large retailers are under so much pressure and very ‘risk-adverse’ so frankly weren’t ever going to take an ‘unknown brand’ seriously. Of course, simple business courtesies never go amiss but that’s something for the future’ James smiles ironically, refusing to elaborate further. Instead, he says he’s content to steadily build their profile by trading with high- quality, established e-tailers such as (new variety brand selling ‘partner’ to

It’s on the question of ‘fit’ that James gets animated, citing even further improvement by the advent of their ‘ProFIL Panel ‘ TM (pron. Profile) - a double layered, specially cut, front panel that guarantees to ‘naturally’ accentuate your ‘crown jewels’ without using tricky string gimmicks or cloth attachments to over - egg things. ‘No-one wants to feel insecure about taking off their pants in the throes of passion and we want to heighten the mood - not kill it!‘ laughs James. He explains further ;- ‘The wearer simply ‘adjusts himself ‘ to achieve maximum asset projection and the cut of our panel does the rest. Basically, the guy who’ll love ProFIL Panel TM’ is self-confident, wants to look as impressive as hell, while staying within the limits of human anatomical geometrics…and I’m not a ‘Trekkie’, honestly!‘

Of the two new range additions, both the sexy low - rise fit of the ‘Retro Hipster’ and the forthcoming ‘NEON’ TM ‘clubber’s pant’ include the panel feature. The NEON’ TM is a tight-fit, hipster/brief hybrid in ‘fluorescent bright’ colours complete with unique ‘metallic look’ cloth labels and racy names such as; Panther, Elektra and Zest. It also debunks the notion that bright club - oriented underwear inevitably comes in cheap, sweaty materials by containing the same Cotton / Elastane ® mix as the ‘Retro’. ‘You should be able to mix comfort with style but I guess there’s more money to be made from short-changing the customer. That’s not what we’re about’ says James.

The ‘Retro’ will sell on Jameswinston Co’s website for £13 with the ‘Hipster’ and NEON TM at £11 each. Close inspection of the product makes those prices seem impressive value for money on a product still manufactured in the UK. ‘We just want the world to realise buying that expensive ‘name’ brand doesn’t necessarily equate to better quality than a Primark (Walmart‘s UK equivalent) purchase. As a company we’re producing a very stylish garment without compromising quality for profit.’ James concludes, ‘Hopefully people will see a cool, bloody exciting, individual brand that delivers quality underwear with an incredible fit to style - conscious males everywhere … point blank!’ Confident words indeed, and after seeing the new Jameswinston Co. campaign imagery I‘ve the sneakiest impression more than few us will be agreeing with those sentiments by the end of April.

The current Jameswinston Co. range is available at and

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