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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Launch news from Jameswinston and special launch deal...

We've been bringing you news on the great new Jameswinston Co. line coming soon. As promised, you can now order from an actually site interface. Those who pre-ordered through the contact form should have already been contacted with discount information and can now use the code on their orders. So if you preordered go ahead and order through the site, and be sure to use your discount code.

You can now order the "New Retro", the "New Classic Rib", the "Retro Hipster", the "Retro Hipster Rib", and of course the cult classic.

Now for the launch deal. Jameswinston, in honor of their new lines, has a great deal going. Here's how it works:
1) Order TWO new-style retros
2) Receive one BLACK or WHITE cult classic trunk at 50% off
3) To get the discount, enter code "Bon001"

So head on over and check out the new products online!

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