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Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Brand coming soon: dik

dik is a new line of men's underwear that will be coming out this summer. You may have noticed the advertisement in the sidebar and wondered what this dik is, well I am going to clue you in a bit on dik. dik Undergarments Inc. boasts on their website that they will be the latest in the high-end men’s undergarment world and that dik underwear will make a statement about you – uncompromising, unrivaled, and the ultimate in sophistication. They plan to do this by offering seven different styles that will be availble in two different colors, black and white. As co-founder Marcus Luft explains:
"We're going to have seven styles of underwear: classic brief, boxer brief, fitted boxer brief, loose boxer, retro boxer, bikini brief, thong. They will be available in both white and black, plain except for the band. the band will have dik stitched into it (black stitching on the white garment, white stitching on the black garment) going around the elastic, 4cm apart. They will be available in four sizes, S, M, L, XL.

We also plan on having two tshirts, crew and vneck, available in white and black also and the same sizes. The tshirts will have no tag on the neck, instead an imprint on the material. The tags will be on side seams, care
instructions on the inside, dik logo on the outside.

Both the underwear and the shirts will be 95% cotton, 5% elastane (spandex)."

As a special feature, Marcus will be cluing UB readers in on what it is like to start a brand of men's underwear. He will be doing this through exclusive entries on UB. The first exclusive entry from Marcus will be appearing tomorrow on UB. You may also have noticed that Marcus has made a few comments on posts on this blog, so search around a little bit to find those.

Also, be sure to check out the dik site. The first 50 people to enter their email address in the mailing list will receive a promotional offer; those within the first month of opening up who purchase from dik up to $49 will receive free shipping; for those ordering $50 or more for their first order, they can select a free garment of their choice along with receiving free shipping.

So remember to stay tuned for Marcus' special entry tomorrow.

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