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Monday, April 16, 2007

Ginch Gonch's Battle of the Briefs 2007

Ginch Gonch has a lot of great stuff going on, there is so much news from them that I'm actually going to have to post each thing in a separate entry (there is no way that it would fit nicely into one). So first up we have Ginch Gonch's second annual battle of the briefs. Here's what they have to say about it:
Ginch Gonch is proud to announce the contest as part of our “WE’RE EVERY-WEAR” campaign. In this year’s Battle of the Briefs, Ginch Gonch is giving you the opportunity to show your instrumental creativity and bold talent as you tear away your armor, fighting only in the flesh, showing your monument wrapped in Ginch Gonch in front of a recognizable city landmark – because “WE’RE EVERY-WEAR”! Okay, we’ll accept your backyard landmark, or comparing your monument with that of your neighbors! BUT…be creative folks, because once again we don’t decide the Battle of the Briefs “wiener”, you do. The first prize is a trip for you and someone you love… Maybe it’s the person that took the photo, or the one that puts you in the “right position” regularly.

You will be traveling VIP with us on our next photo shoot adventure and seeing our 2008 collection firsthand. And we are telling you it’s a full one – hand that is. It is at a highly classified, desirable; and a really, really warm location.

So head on over to Ginch Gonch for the official rules and to submit your entry.

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