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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Press Release from Jameswinston Co.

If the previous entry intrigued you to learn a little more about the new line, you can read the following press release from Jameswinston Co. that is all about the new line.

Jameswinston (Underwear) Co. Ltd – UPDATE Apr ‘ 07

UK web - based men’s underwear brand Jameswinston Co. is shortly to launch it’s new updated ‘Retro’ Spring/Summer 2007 line. Their impending internet marketing campaign features some of the most innovative creative imagery in an industry notorious for generically marketed product.

The new ‘Retro’ range is more contemporary styled than it’s deliberately understated ‘Retro Trunk’ predecessor. The sublime cloth colours palette remains a staple whilst, amongst other facets, clever use of contrast stitching on the garment achieves a definably individual look

Further fit improvement comes in the form of their new ‘ProFIL Panel ‘ TM (pron. Profile) ;- A double-layered, specially cut, front panel that accentuates your ‘crown jewels’ without using tricky string gimmicks or cloth attachments to ‘over – egg’ things. ‘Too little cloth and you’re squashed, too much and you’re saggy - It’s the ultimate in ‘natural’ shape enhancement underwear’. The wearer simply ‘adjusts himself ‘ to achieve maximum asset projection and the cut of our panel does the rest’.

Two new lines are also introduced:- The ‘Retro Hipster’ (the sexy low-rise brother to the ‘Retro’) and the forthcoming (May ‘07) ‘NEON’ TM ‘clubbers pant’ – a tight-fit, hipster/brief hybrid in ‘fluorescent bright’ colours complete with unique ‘metallic look’ cloth labels and racy names such as; Panther, Elektra and Zest. The garment’s main difference - unlike typically cheap, sweaty, synthetic ‘club’ underwear - is it uses the same Cotton / Elastane ® mix as the ‘Retro’ and guarantees an all-night long very wearable experience.

The ‘Retro’ will sell on Jameswinston Co’s website for £13 with the ‘Hipster’ and NEON TM at £11 each.

The current Jameswinston Co. range is available at

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