Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Redefining the age old question

"Boxers or briefs?" That used to be the appropriate question to ask when you wanted to know about a man's underwear preferences. But now if you were to ask that question you would likely get the responses "Neither" or "Both" or "Depends on the situation". The men's underwear world has changed drastically and now "boxers or briefs?" is no longer an appropriate question because it does not encompass the wide variety that is availble out there. There are many more than two styles for men now, including: boxers, briefs, boxerbriefs, trunks, jockstraps, thongs, g-strings, and more! And within all those styles there are many different versions, not just a plain white basic. You can get them in lots of colors and with lots of rises. There's the regular (full-rise) brief, the low-rise brief, the medium-rise brief, the square cut brief, the box-cut brief, and the bikini brief. And that's just for briefs. Not to mention the fact that lots of men like many different styles of underwear for different occasions or just because they love collecting them. So it is quite clear that the age old question no longer fits. Instead when wanting to learn about a man's underwear preferences one should ask, "What styles of underwear do you wear?"

And tying in nicely with that, let's make that the question of the day, "What styles of underwear do you wear?"


Anonymous said...

Personally I love coloured bikini briefs. I love everything about them the fit and teh comfort. For a guy it is nice to wear something so small under your trousers.

BDogg said...

I have most all boxers with outrageous patterns and embroidered waistbands but some plain ones also and some regular briefs. I was introduced to boxers only about six years ago and prefer their look and versatility.

love_all_types said...

I love all types of underwear. Boxers, briefs (low rise and old style hanes type), enhancing briefs (such as C-IN2), thongs, g-strings and boxerbriefs. Did I miss anything? It depends on the clothes I'm wearing, as to what feels the best. I love the feeling of a thong during the day even at work. ;)

Marcus said...

That's what great about men's underwear now, isn't it? It has become such an important part of the male wardrobe that it's versatility and styling is a statement. People wear all these different styles not only as a way to be comfortable, but as a way to express themselves. That's great. Myself, I'm a boxer guy. I love the comfort of the non-conforming cut. I used to wear briefs, but now prefer the freedom the looser style brings.

jim said...

I love very skimpy underwear,I guess i'm an exhibitionist and I love showing off what i've got. I'm into string bikini briefs,g-strings and thongs!

Anonymous said...

boxerbriefs and trunks are my favorite, because you feel your butt all tight up in the cloth, and you just feel great. Additionally it is nice to finally have some good non-confining support for my big package.

UMan said...

Thanks guys. Nice range of personal preference going on here. That definitely proves my point that times have changed and more and more men are wearing something other than just the basic two styles (which are still worn as well).

Anonymous said...

i wear Jockey Sport® Boxer Brief for normal everyday wear. its personally my favorite underwear.
i used to wear Jockey Sport® No-Fly Midway® Brief also until the price was $18 a piece.
i currently testing flexables thongs and bikini briefs as a replacement for my jockstraps at the gym. they are to uncomfortable. but im not spending a lot of money for just a supporter for no more than 2 hours.
Men's Thong Underwear - Supplex/Lycra Style 7624
the black medium thong did perform well for me and was comfortable but it was unusual to feel the tension of the butt strap up my ass for the first time. i wore them under my black Jockey Sport® Boxer Briefs. i made sure no one could see them. i had a long t-shirt on also.
next ill try the medium size Mens Underwear - Nylon Lycra Low Rise Bikini/Brief Style 7640
after i wear it at the gym i decide whether to go with the thong or bikini style for the gym. although ill need five more of winning style that i like more. it will give me a good price/performance for a purchase of 6. personally i wouldnt want people to know im wearing a thong at the gym. im inhibited like that.