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Monday, April 23, 2007

Not your Father's Underwear

Since moving to California in 2001, I have taken noticed of a renaissance of sorts in Design. The revolution of Design has afflicted art, architecture, technology, and fashion. Modern art is seen in common Americana; SHAG. You can find SHAG putting a new fresh look to Pink Panther or see the 60's aesthetics back in vogue in your cocktails. You can read about ecology friendly pre-fab home designs in Dwell. What about modern home kitchens and baths, just check out HGTV. Even your phone is getting into the act with Apple iPhone. So, it's no surprise that underwear has taken a leap in its design and fashion senses. On the personal level, I've acquired a fashion sense that includes Prada, JP Todds, ETRO, and now aussieBum and C-IN2.

Underwear design (if you want to call it that) what used to be a novelty bent on the silly sexy bedroom frolicks, has become ever more forward. Just look at the latest products from aussieBum, C-IN2, Toot, as brands whose designs take into account advancements in prints, fabrics, form, and cut. Cotton mixed with synthetic fabric for stretch and comfort. Low-rise briefs, a perfect corollary to one's Banana Republic or J Crew jeans, are now as 'in' as they are worn 'under' your other designer wear. There are low-rise boxer shorts too to complement your low-rise Prada slacks. And what is this 'Sling' anyway by C-IN2, technology meets form and function is what. Well, you'll have to decide. For me, I have decided that this is an exciting and fascinating time for the vitalization of underwear. There is so much creative energy thrown into this space, evident by an explosion of new makers and designers. Even old traditional names like Fruit of the Loom, Jockey, are competing with the likes of coutour designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and D&G. Unimaginable ten years ago, I now have to decide what underwear to chose to go with my clothes and function for the day.

In post script I ask one final question. Do you still call it "Underwear?" Well, no longer. A new name has been bestowed upon this once hidden layer of clothing that keeps your good clothes from getting soiled. Fashionistas now call it "foundation garment" (as read in WallPaper issue). As the name suggests, underwear is no longer shamefully hidden, but proudly forms the foundation for all your other fashionable layers of clothing. We must all have a hip label for men's new modern Design products.

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Anonymous said...

FOUNDATION GARMENT?? I love it, and will add it to my vocabulary from now on.

Its true, foundation garments are no longer hidden.