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Saturday, June 02, 2007

New Brand: O

Brand: O by Analisa and Cyn
Founded: about two years ago
History: About two years ago as Analisa was graduating from UC Berkeley, her partner came up to her with an idea for creating a men's underwear company. They are big fans of underwear and after working in Victoria's Secret for a while, they realized that there are lots more underwear options available for women than for men. They decided to change that by creating their own brand. They wanted men to be able to have comfortable and sexy underwear. The line is called O because that letter implies so many wonderful things. They are eager to get their products into boutiques and high end department stores, but you can currently find their product on their site.
The Underwear: O underwear is made from a blend of modal/cotton/lycra. The modal gives the underwear a soft, silky feel as well as extra durability. There are currently two styles, a boxer and a boxerbrief, offered in black. They are planning on experimenting with different colors in their next run. O tackles a new category of underwear for men. As they state on their home page, "not quite your typical underwear, yet not quite lingerie. O is a unique hybrid intended for the confident man who desires style without sacrificing comfort. O is perfect for all occasions, from the boardroom to the bedroom."
Slogan: The brand slogan is "get curious". The idea is that when you see a loved one in O, the possibilities are endless...

Stay tuned for a review later this month.

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