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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who got a piggy bottom?

The contest to win Ginch Gonch Piggy Bottoms from Jock Boy Locker is now over. The 20th and final winner was announced today. Congratulations to all of the winners who are UB readers. Here are the UB readers who won that I have not yet posted about:

I think I deserve to win because i am a wild little piggy. My boyfriend loves it when i get into bed and wiggle my little piggy butt at him. So when I win these Piggy Bottoms I will surprise him in bed. When he walks in this time instead of me wiggling my cute little bare piggy butt I will wiggle my cute little piggy bottoms. By the way i found out about the contest at Underwearblog.
12th winner

I saw this contest at underwear blog and wanted to enter the contest to prove how much of a piggy bottom I am. I love wearing sexy underwear and showing off my hot bubble butt. When these piggy bottoms are on I will feel like the little piggy bottom I am.
13th winner
*Gabriel sent a photo along with his submission, but due to the photo's nature it cannot be reproduced here.

Hi,I heard about your contest on the Men’s Underwear Blog and thought, what better way to get in to some hot Piggy Bottoms from Ginch Gonch? I really like the comfort of Ginch Gonch underwear. I swim every day and I usually make sure I wear something that gets noticed in the locker room. I also SCUBA Dive and never miss an opportunity to show off what I’m wearing to those interested in looking. All my other pairs of Ginch Gonch underwear get looks so I’d be happy to add the Piggy Bottoms to my repertoire. Thanks.
14th winner

So congratulations to all Men's Underwear Blog readers who won. And thank you to all those who entered and made this contest such a success. To see other entries from UB winners check out this and this post. And to check out all the winners read this blog.

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