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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Swimwear Series Part 2

One of the biggest trends in the men's underwear world right now is underwear that enhances the male package and profile. Many readers have asked me what they can do to achieve that same enhancement in their swimwear. Because there is no point in lifting it all up in underwear while wearing pants if it is just all going to be lost when you go to the beach. But don't worry, there are plenty of enhancing swimwear options out there.
What you can do to achieve 'package' enhancement in swimwear.
The C-IN2 sling has been very popular in the men's underwear world. Some people really enjoy it while others find it incredibly uncomfortable. If you like the C-IN2 sling underwear, then I'm sure you will enjoy their swimwear (I have not tried it, but it operates with the same principles). International Jock currently has the C-IN2 sling swim briefs and trunks (this one is shown) on sale, so go check it out. And even if you don't like the sling, if you're in the market for a swimsuit this is a great deal on a swimsuit and you can just not use the sling (although that would defeat the purpose of why I posted about it).

Next up is the much anticipated Wonder Jock swim brief from aussieBum. The Wonder Jock swimwear uses Wonder Jock technology to lift and push your goods forward. A word of caution though, the ice and white swim brief are see-through when wet so they are not meant for the timid.

Another option for enhancement in swimwear is the swim brief from Cocksox. They are available with or without a drawstring (I would recommend a drawstring to help hold them in place because the Cocksox briefs had a tendency to fall down when I tried them). Also, I would be a little wary of what you do in these based on my experiences with the underwear (read the review for my potential concerns for the swimwear).

Finally, let's say you really love a particular swimsuit but it just does not create a flattering package. Well there still might be hope thanks to WildmanT's Ball Lifter. The folks at WildmanT actually recommend the Ball Lifter Sport as a potential enhancer for wearing underneath swimwear.

I hope that you found this entry informative and helpful. As always, I welcome your comments on this post.

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Anonymous said...

These look great, when wet the look super sexy, but you have to have the right body type to pull this look off, I dont think these would be good for swimming a 200 IM in, but great for the beach or poolside, and adds a great lift too!