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Friday, June 29, 2007

Trend Alert: Metallic Waistband

A new trend that I have been noticing for a few months is metallic waistbands. When it finally turned up in a new Calvin Klein line, I knew I just had to blog about it. The first time I noticed this was in the fairly new collection called Super Series by aussieBum. It is not really a metallic waistband, but more a metallic accents. This line is meant to be like superhero underwear. Another signature feature of this line is the very wide waistband. I have actually tried some of these, so stay tuned for a review soon. The next place I noticed this trend was on the upcoming carbon line from 2(x)ist. You can pre-order the carbon line at 10percent. And finally, the new pro-stretch underwear from Calvin Klein available with either a gold or silver waistband at iwantpants. I think that this trend is definitely here to stay as Calvin Klein and 2(x)ist are both mainstream underwear brands, and if mainstream companies are pushing it it is going to be hot. Metallic waistbands will definitely make a flashy statement peeking over the top of your pants. This new trend has a lot of exciting possibilities and is a very classy take on metallic underwear for men.

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