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Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Brand: Undertoys

Undertoys is a fairly new brand of underwear that is inspired by children's underwear. It is similar to Ginch Gonch but with a lower price point (just $20 a pair) and no sexual innuendo. There are currently only five styles of underwear, but there are plans to expand the line. The website is also very fun and childlike. You have to shoot at the sizes you want in order to place an order. The brain behind this new line is Daniel Fryer, here's an exclusive insight into how he was inspired to start this line and how he managed to get it off its feet:
I got the idea when I saw this kid proudly holding a pair of fighter plane undies in Big W. I thought they looked pretty cool and wished they came in men's sizes. So bounced the idea off a few mates who agreed with me and so i started doing my research. I wanted to put the fun back into wearing undies.

I was only 22 at the time, 23 now, and i came to the conclusion that I'd need money to start this thing up and like any person my age – i had none.

A few weeks later I entered a competition called 'Nescafe BigBreak' – for young people with big ideas. Anyway, my idea made it through to the final 14 of 4,500 people from Australia and New Zealand. From that i won a little cash to get things started.

So I scrimped and saved and designed a few pairs, then got my first order made.

I received my first shipment late Jan this year and have been selling ever since. I've got a few stores around Australia, plus the website.

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Anonymous said...

Wow they look great. It's fantastic for me an undie fanatic to have another wonderful and inventful source to supply my undie fetish. Boris B Thunder Bay Canada