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Friday, June 22, 2007

New Brand: Djembe

Djembe is a new line of men's underwear from France is available at Wyzman. I'm really liking this new line. They have quite a variety of prints including many beach inspired ones as well as sports inspired ones. Also, the current selection is reasonably priced between $13 and $23 USD. Their beach prints are very summery and would be perfect for lounging around this summer.


guapo-guapo said...

Hi, Well this brand is not new, but has a good quality for money. We sold it last year in our online store but not anymore at moment. I am happy to know that DJEMBE is growing...well done

Hi from Spain

UMan said...

I realize it is not brand new. I guess what I meant was, it is newly available. By the way, what is/was your online store (you can send it to me by email if you would like)?

guapo-guapo said...
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