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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New styles, including swimwear, from WildmanT

This week WildmanT has some exciting new offerings. They have now launched their line of swimwear. As Tim promised in his blog post a while back, the swimwear has come. But make note, this is just the beginning and they will have a full-fledged line of swimwear for summer 2008. The initial launch of WildmanT swimwear comes in three different styles with a variety of color combinations. There's the four panel midcut, the bikini horizon, and the four panel bikini. Also as promised, there are new styles of Ball Lifters. This new style is the Ball Lifter Sport. It is just the basic Ball Lifter but in black and white for a more athletic look. As Tim realized in another blog post:
"...not everyone wishes to show off his Ball Lifter to every passer-by that is interested, hence the all white Ball Lifter. The black, just looks hot:)"
To understand how this realization came about, read the entire post.

And remember, as a special for UB readers you can get a 15% discount off of your entire purchase at WildmanT. Just use coupon code "MUBLOG".

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