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Thursday, June 14, 2007

New type of Jockstrap

USA Jockwear just released a new type of jockstrap. It's like your standard jockstrap only with adjustable straps. This adjustable strap allows you to choose how much lift you get and it also features a unique, two-layer pouch that creates an uplifting compartment for your boys. Just pull one on, push your stuff down inside the interior pouch opening and adjust the tension on the legstraps for a unique, customized fit. This customized fit is really its selling point. This is a great idea because it will fit all people. The straps can be adjusted to fit a man with a smaller butt or one with a "bubble butt". And it promises to provide the perfect fit and "framing" for everyone. This new style is available in both grey and white from International Jock.

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