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Friday, June 01, 2007

Jameswinston Co. Officially Launches their new line!

A while back I posted quite a bit about the new line of Jameswinston, well it is finally here! They are all set with a huge launch bonanza that will last for the next 20 days. I cannot tell you quite what it will involve, but there will be some very exciting things happening during it. Even though I have written about this new line before, I'm going to attach the press release below to give you a bit of a refresher. As you may have noticed, Jameswinston has really stepped up their product imagery this time around. Check out some of the great shots below, and for more photos visit their online gallery.
UK web - based men’s underwear brand Jameswinston Co. has officially launched it’s new ‘Retro’ Spring/Summer 2007 line after a box manufacture glitch halted all production. Jameswinston Co. founder Brian James says the delay prompted urgent changes that make for a smoother operation than before. ‘It’s been an extremely challenging period. We’d just begun re-introducing ourselves (as the first part of a two - part marketing campaign) and had already taken orders from two top international web retailers. Then when FHM UK confirmed a feature around Jul/Aug ’07 we knew the buzz around the brand was about to spread.’
So, in addition to the current ‘Retro Trunk’ range (dubbed the ‘cult classic’ due to it’s understated styling and excellent fit) in comes the more contemporarily styled ‘Retro’ and ‘Hipster’ lines in seven ‘sun-friendly’ new colours. Simultaneously released is the innovative NEON TM ‘clubber’s pant’ (four ‘fluorescent bright’ shades and low-rise hipster/brief cut complete with ‘metallic’ stitching and labels) sporting racy names like; Zest, Panther and Tang. Certainly James believes he’s onto a winner. ‘The fashion - forward web retailers instantly hooked onto NEON because it combines ultra - fashionability, fun sex appeal and practicality at a decent price point. In fact, we’re using the same quality fabric mix as the ‘Retro’ - it’s ridiculous that people still overpay for ‘fashion’ items cynically made out of cheap, sweaty fabrics!’
The new ranges all utilize ‘ProFIL Panel ‘‘ TM (pron. Profile) - a double layered, specially cut, front panel that guarantees to naturally accentuate your ‘assets’ without tricky string gimmicks or cloth attachments to over -exaggerate things. ‘Guys definitely want to look ‘impressive’ - but not cartoon-like! I mean, the pants have to come off at some point …right? Our aim for the new lines was to produce cutting edge, yet commercial garments marrying style, quality and fit in equal measures - and early retailer feedback confirms we’ve achieved that.’ James stresses the improvements made since their early deficient marketing efforts. ‘We simply didn’t know our market - remember I was in I.T. hardware’, he says, smiling ironically. ‘Browse our site this time around and you’ll find a classily funky vibe. We wanted ‘market-leader’ level creativity to reflect our product quality and really feel the new ‘live’ imagery nails the all-round uniqueness of this brand.’

James states that instead of re-approaching large retail they’ll simply concentrate on journalistic coverage and internet sales avenues over the next six months. ‘This has been a real-life David versus Goliath story from the very beginning. Our immediate goal though, is to get guys showing off their ‘Jameswinstons’ and raving to friends, family, pets…whatever - about this hot new underwear company! ’ To that end, James intends having a twenty - day internet launch bonanza involving a number of special promotional offers. Over the final ten days the bonanza will culminate in a very special surprise open to all the readers of underwear blogsites the company appears on.’ James concludes; ‘We’ve a few fires to light under people’s arses and we’re especially proud of the 9.5 and 10/10 [UB's score, check out the review] review ratings we’d been achieving. Ultimately, Jameswinston Co. is about quality product and standards - we’ve simply upped our style and excitement ante 100% so people have something to hook onto this time! ’

So that's the deal with what's going on at Jameswinston. Be sure to keep checking UB for the latest info on the Jameswinston launch. Remember, there are going to be some very exciting promotions announced.

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