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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Correction: Ewan McGregor

A couple days ago I posted about Ewan McGregor and his aussieBum undies. What I wrote was a bit of a fabrication that has been running rampant on the web. It IS true that Ewan McGregor owns and wears aussieBum underwear; however, it is NOT true that he bought so much aussieBum undies that aBum ran a credit check on him. Here's what aussieBum has to say about it in an AusLife post:
We would .. like to state Ewan McGregor did not buy a huge volume of the underwear. He does wear aussieBum gear along with many other fashion labels. This was reported some time ago on him owning some aussieBum undies. This comment ended up in a new article that he bought many of the new Wonderjock underwear. We can assure readers this was not correct and given his reputation we doubt very much there would be a need for this.
I am not sure that I agree with aussieBum in that the wonder jock should only be worn by the under-endowed, I believe all men can use a little lift every now and then. Thank you to reader Ryan for setting me straight, sorry for the confusion.


Carry It Like Harry said...

Yeah, I thought it was bad business practice for Aussiebum to have published intimate details like that. Especially when they even did a credit card check on him. Good that things are cleared up now.. Because I like Aussiebum but I definitely do not support any move like that just to create publicity, and that would immediately put me off and make me support other brands!

UMan said...

Yes titanite, it would be. They DID NOT do a credit check on him. That was just a rampant rumor.

I'm very sorry that I posted it without any real verification.